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 Gallery - Summer Camp

Kent International Jamboree 2010

Another fantastic summer camp was had by all.

We're usually tucked away in the corner of activity fields

for jamborees, but not this time!

As well as sharing a field with archery and high ropes we

had front row seats for evening entertainment as we

also shared with the main arena!

We might of been what seemed like a stones throw from the M25

but it we could've been on another planet for all we knew as

the lack of phone reception had us cut off from the outside world!



Essex Jamboree 2008

This years summer camp was full of surprises!

While parts of the country was a wash out with bad weather,

we were blessed with fantastic weather.

We worked hard to keep 2 tracks running smoothly throughout the week,

but we still had enough energy left to play too!

We had a trip to the beach, we threw a surprise party and we tried

our hardest to lose the It's A Knockout competition for all the staff!

All in all this years summer camp was one to remember!



Norjam 2006


2 Tracks, 28 Team members and rock solid ground.

Scorching hot, Freezing cold, torrential rain and gale force winds.

But what a week!





Week 2 - Here we go again!

Half the number of tracks! Half the size of the team!

We're well out of the way, miles away from noisy kids keeping us awake!

But also miles away from the toilets and water supply!

Gorgeous weather we had though!





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